"As a mother of three children, Mary was very good at relaxing both my young daughters when they needed treatment from her. 

Isabel (aged 8 years) was slightly "pigeon-toed", and Mary was able to diagnose that one leg bone was longer than the other and prescribed specially shaped in-soles. Mary had a range on site and was able to try different types in Isabel's shoes to find those most comfortable to correct Isabel's gait. Mary also recommended some simple exercises to strengthen the relevant muscles.

Olivia (aged 5 years) had a verruca which suddenly multiplied and spread around her toes, despite having used products from the chemist. Mary treated Olivia's foot in her clinic and thereafter made home-visits which were swift and fitted around the after-school activities! 

At each stage, Mary explained what she was going to do and what would happen afterwards.

I would certainly recommend Mary to anyone with young children - and adults too, of course. Mary is very professional and works in a calm and efficient manner, which puts everyone at ease. And most importantly, her treatments work exactly as she explains them to you." 

Isabel & Olivia's mum, Sutton

Mary Rigal  is a member of the Society of Podiatry & Chiropody.  Click here for info.

"Dear Mary

I would like to thank you for your excellent treatment of my son. After months of suffering very painful in-growing toenails, you performed surgery under local anaesthetic to stop the nails from growing in the same way again.

My son was naturally apprehensive about the procedure, but due to your professional expertise and reassuring manner he felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the surgery. Within a very short time the toes had healed perfectly and he is now playing sport and enjoying walking comfortably again.

Your treatment has made a big difference to his everyday life. Thank you." - Julie

"Over the last four months, Mary has removed "the side" from three sides of my big toenails and had to perform two partial nail avulsions. I could not have asked for a smoother process from start to finish. I'm

a wimp for injections and anything clinical, but Mary's efficiency, accuracy and professionalism throughout every procedure reassured me at every step of the way.

If you need a chiropodist, I would highly recommend Mary." - Anna

"Hi Mary - I wanted to say thank you so much.


My husband has just come back with George after his appointment and said he doesn’t need to go back. You were the third chiropodist we tried. The first two made no difference but you are amazing! You’ve given George back his confidence for which I’m so grateful. The difference in him is brilliant as he was so embarrassed by his Verrucas and we were thinking they’ll never go after 3 years!! Thank you so much I will recommend you to anyone needing help with their feet as they can 100% trust you’ll fix them.


Kind regards. Charlotte"

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